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Postnatal Project


It was conceived as a project in process, developed over time and allowing it to be testedin different places and versions. Its only frame was the time frame, and as the title indicates, it was to cover all my actions that would take place after the birth of the child. The event to  clearly separates my motor activities from what was before and what was after. 

The Postnatal Project arose from the need to be together with the child, to discover primal movement patterns

and the beginnings of the actions of a man who has not yet moved independently. These were naive, intuitive actions, searching a bit in the dark, learning from mistakes. The private bond does not allow to separate this search fromemotions and gain the right distance to evaluate them. This situation often left me with a question about the boundaries of being a mother and an artist or researcher. She has disrupted my relationships on numerous occasions with a child, as well as her own approach to being a creator. From today's perspective,

I know that these were key experiences, both in personal and family development, and their impact left a very strong mark on the need for further exploration and development of activities that I call family choreographies or Performing Families.

The first show took place in 2012 during the Conference Aesthetics of Preformative Arts in Krakow. 

The project also became part of the Warsaw edition of Zimmerfrei's Family affair project,  for Body/Mind.


photoAnna de Manincor

 Postnatal Project
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