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and interests

I am researchede literal the overload dimension of what "too much" means related to daily activities/tasks.

In particular, she focuses on her personal experience as a mother-artist-researcher. I am interested in the way of organizing everyday life, space, multitasking, struggling with fatigue, but also social/external/internal/political expectations towards women as mothers, what it means to be "appropriate" in our society. I'm interested in how absurd an image we can get by being very not/serious about meeting social expectations. I used this approach, for example, in the episodeMOT/her KC 16 MotherOlympiaandMothersuckers.I showed the opposite direction inContact Families Show,where I founded the equality of children and adults, allowing them to decide for themselves and accepting that they can choose to do what they want rather than what is socially acceptable or desired by their parents.

On the other hand, I am interested in this topic in a more abstract way, exploring how "too much" manifests itself in our body and space, what way of moving can result from excess. I am puzzled by the aesthetics of clutter, understood both as a disorder of body movements, but also "cluttering" space.  I look at how the body reacts when it has too many tasks and I try to transfer everyday activities from the original context to a more abstract. I am interested in the contradictions that appear in the same action, and how, through mere repetition, a movement can become something else. thoughlike Merce Cunningham, I come from a love of chance and multi-tasking, this I don't see any traffic obstructionfreedom or virtuosity, but overwhelming and grotesque. I pose

a question about what happens when we treat overload as a kind of traffic destructor,chaos and mess factor. Excess for me means both dealing with fatigue and and the inability to stop the energy that flows beyond our control.

I see the body as an act of questioning identity and interacting with presence. I understand presence here in two ways, inspired by the English meaning of the words: presence/present, i.e. the act of introducing/presenting oneself, but also time aspects, being here and now understood broadly and involving others as well.

This became especially important in a series of video performancesMOT/her KC,in which each week of pregnancyI recorded changes in my body with the camera, commented on current impressions and feelings. Similarly in Words for dancing, where I was present for each viewer individually, asking questions addressed only to her/him.

I am fascinated by the form of choreography, in which each performance allows for changes under the influencecircumstances. INContact Families Showthe sequence of actions is the result of performers' random choices, awWords to danceindividual "dances" are the result of the viewer's personal choice. This opens up space for me to accept what is unknown, as well as constant mindfulness and openness to what comes to us. Although I provoke situations that require audience action, I try to propose them in the form of an invitation to which I do not require a response, always assuming a scenario where audience involvement may not occur.

I feel the need to reflect on the working conditions of mothers from the dance and choreography environment, create a space for exchanging experiences, paying attention to specific needs in the creative process and enabling reconciliation and continuation of artistic work. I would like to develop this topic both through my activities in the field of choreography, as well as popularizing the topic of motherhood in the history of dance and working to improve visibility by expanding knowledge in the field of support programs and collecting publications in this area.

Movement and choreography are the most primal for me and fundamental creative discipline. In the process of work, I do not refer to a specific dance technique. To prepare the materialI use improvisation and tasks and movement experiments inspired by the issue or theme of the work I I am occupying at the moment.

My interests run in two directions.  from onepages explore the topic of the invisibility of motherhood in art, especially in dance,on the other hand, I'm researching possibilities of movement of an adult with   

a child andbuilding equality events with the participation of families.

Both of these paths develop under the influence of threads close to me, which are: chaos and excess, the presence of the body, the overlapping of the private and public spheres, the search for a space of activity for viewers, the use of tools from other creative disciplines, dramaturgy in the form of a game or

a developing task in real time.

For me, my works are steps towards research/recognitiona kind of "performative chaos manual"(manual/bodual).

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