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The performance is a continuation of personal research on motherhood, its physicality, movement/stillness and socio-political themes. The author blurs the boundaries between the process of production and reproduction using processed fragments of reality. The leading theme around which the author re/produces meanings/contexts/stereotypes and expectations is breastfeeding. 

The starting point is a play on words resulting from the combination of the term mother and the act of suckling. On stage, he is confronted with materials transformed by the body and voice: dictionary definitions, mainstream information with the largest search engine reach, comments from Internet users, scientific articles, reflections of social scientists, statements by female artists.

Everything takes place in a set design referring to everyday life, which cannot be seen on Instagram: a house where there is chaos, disorder, excess of stimuli and spoiled food. Each of the viewers can take their own place in relation to this space, but also to the topic, making decisions according to their own sense, not necessarily permanently.

In this way, he becomes a co-creator/creator of this chaos, he adds new tasks to the performer, a new shape of space, showing his acceptance or withdrawal. The performance explores the act of breastfeeding, also in its physicalityand voicing. She looks at the emotions that the image of a nursing mother evokes in society and in herself. She explores taboos related to breastfeeding: scandal, disgust, the sexual dimension of sucking a breast or cannibalistic associations. The search for the threads of motherhood and feeding in the context of dance and movement poses the performer with the question of whether it is possible to be an artist and a mother at the same time, and triggers the need to take sides with nature or culture. The performance with humor shows the absurdity of such an approach.

The work was initiated as part of the ATLAS choreographic program, which is part of itImpulzTanz Festival in 2021. The process of working on the entire performance was being prepared as part of Residance 2022in Bratislava organized by PLAST organization at Dance Residental Center Telocvicna.

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