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Private is political, or the (once) radically feminist thought of Carol Hanisch in Mot/Her KC is embodied through the personal narrative of Anna Wańtuch, telling an intimate story directly tocameras. The story in Mot/Her KC is a reality on the borderline, open, seeking recognition in social contexts. The intimate video art of the FA Collective weaves this space on the bordermeanings such as pregnancy, femininity, feminism, choice, society, (pro/no) family politics, and social expectations towards women. 

The Mot/Her KC project started in early 2017 and consists of a series of 29 films. It's documentation and unitaryevents, not deprived of the influence of a specific social environmentcultural. FA Collective presents a journey into the discourse about the fluidity of the female body and mindand questions about the boundaries of one's own identity in a social contextand political in which the performance took place. (Anna Petelenz, AP Kunstart)

Work shown, among others: (2021) Parallel Vienna room Schumann 02, (2020) Cracow Art Week KRAKERS, (2018) WomenCinemakers Biennale, POSITIONING Malta, Women behind Screendance Landscapes, (2017) Competition 1 page 1 look 180 seconds 3rd prize, Festival Inout.

More videos of Mot/her KC to watch - link


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