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Contakids is a method of working with the body created by an Israeli dancer, choreographer and teacherItaya Yatuva intended for families with small children. In the method, we act through bodily contact and play.

The important elements we are working on are:

  • building a relationship based on a close bond between parent and child,

  • supporting the child in motor development thanks to the support of an adult,

  • encouragement to undertake physical activities through play,

  • exploring the fall as a factor that adds courage and is a fun element through taking risks.

Contakids is a kind of close meeting between a parent and a child or the whole family, where everyone works at their own pace and according to their own needs, and during which we focus only on ourselves, relationships and corporeality. It is also a kind of social fiesta, an opportunity to watch other children, overcoming one's own limitations by accepting the group and exercises involving others.

International website about the method:

"Contakids - improvisation for children" - Anna Królica and Adam Kamiński talk to Anna Wańtuch,  as part of the Guide  Dance.

Classes are intended for children aged +/- 18 months - 5/6 years. These are not rigid frames, especially
fall,when siblings are present. In this situation, very often the older child takes on the role of the guardian and practice "like" a parent. The suggested age is given due to the possession of key skills, such as moving around independently and understanding simple messages. The second aspect is the need for contact with the parent, which over the age of 5 turns into the need to be among peers, but we recognize the principle that each child goes through different stages at different times and has different experiences, therefore the age limits are only indicative.

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