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This is a project for one viewer only. For one at a time, of course. Intimate, about thirtya one-minute music and dance session. Because words arein hermusic, they serve "for dancing" - open and organize the space between two people - the performer and the viewer who actively co-creates it, if only at the level of choosing a place to look, listen, dance. But also on the level of physical reaction to her (non-intrusive but inviting)activities and onon a dramatic level, because again and again he faces the alternative: coffee or tea, dog or cat, together or apart, fast or slow. 

Each session has a different course determined by the choices of the viewer/partner, who each time is defined by this choice. Words - meanings, words - graphic signs, but also words - music. The scores included in the script resemble poetic works in form. In a sense, they are, but their literary aspect is secondary to their spatial and rhythmic aspectokay.



Because to choose "cat" is to find yourselfwith a cat in one space, "dance" with him, choose "mom"is to physically come face to face with someone's specifically defined corporeality. Come in with her into relationships. Listen to her "song". The performance is the result of Anna Wań's meetinginkand Maria Kwiecień, who started work on the project in 2015 about working youhug Heand dances for me Over time, the concept began to open up new meanings and perspectsactive. During MrMaria Kwiecień decided to verbalize the effects of the rehearsals, so the texts that became were created Words for Dance script base. The movement began to intertwine with the word. Michał Kiedrowski joined the project, and with it the realm of sounds.  

The project received production support #37 PPA in Wrocław and premiered on May 14, 2016.


  • The photographs displayed before entering the performance were used in a chapter of the book edited by Anna KrólicaThe insatiability of the gaze, ed. Art Center in Mościce.

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