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Anna Wańtuch, It grows and grows and ...

In the future, our food will taste different and our cats will be fatter. There will be more different itemsmore work and unicorns. Fairy tales, appetite, poop and the number on the cake will also be bigger. And the children will be bigger, and they will be they could go out on their own. There will also be new people. There will be disappearing and appearing. And goodbye to my family.There will be something ahead (and it may come very soon). And I don't know how many other thingsproblems and pleasures. But something will happen. ( Collection of thoughts  Performers Families about the future)

What grows as we grow? How will our immediate surroundings, relationships and everyday life change in the future?

In the choreographic project "It grows and grows, and..." topics related to growth and change will be addressed by a child-adult team of performers who are part of the group

Anna Wantuch andPerforming Families.

Reflection on the future has the character of a movement action on stage. This way they will be exploredtopics such as social relationships, changing bodies, as well as economics. In selected parts of the showpeople in the audience will be invited to actively join the activities proposed by the performers.

Premiere of the project: June 2, 2023 in Poznań as part of the 24th Biennale of Art for Children "Future."

Concept and choreography: Anna Wantuch

Music: Franciszek Araszkiewicz

Stage design: Filip Wańtuch

Care of the creative process: Justyna Czarnota

Occur: Anna Grabara, Alicja Kaczmarczyk, Magdalena Kopeć, Julian Mizerski, Marcin Świątek, Rafał Świątek, Szymon Świątek, Monika Zamojska-Świątek, Marta Mietelska-Topór, Tomasz Topór, Rita Topór, Liwia Topór, Anna Wańtuch, Felicja Wańtuch, Filip Wańtuch, Ludmiła Wańtuch, Wincenty Wańtuch

Production: Children's Art Center in Poznań

Anna Wańtuch, Poster, Grows and grows and ...

In a sensitive and simple way, primarily using movement, not a word, the performing families talk about the fact that children grow up and adults age. They also touch the uncomfortable and topics rarely discussed in public discourse, such as how much patience parenting requires, how demanding it iseconomically and psychologically. All this  in a very witty and gentle way - Justyna Czarnota's statement after the work-in-progress show (Obserwatorium Sztuki dla Dzieci,  October 2022)

Zdjęcia z premiery spektaklu Rośnie i rośnie i ... - foto. Maciej Zakrzewski
Zdjęcia z premiery spektaklu Rośnie i rośnie i ... - foto. Malwina Łubieńska
Zdjęcia z pokazu work in progress i prób spektaklu Rośnie i rośnie i ... - foto. U. Jocz, M. Zakrzewski, Filip i Felicja Wańtuch.
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