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Graphic designer with experience in designing promotional materials, posters, catalogs and film montages. Thanks to experiencein a company producing advertising materials and with experience in props and set design, he perfectly understands the performance aspects and takes them into account at the stage of creating projects. As an artist, he looks for opportunities for creative implementation in graphic designs, but guided by aesthetics and concept, he does not forget
about the pragmatic purpose of the project.

2007 – 2010
University Pedagogicalin Krakow, Institute of Art, field: Graphics Bachelor's degree 
Professional Graphics StudyKomputerowa Digital Pro Art, Kraków
2001 – 2003
Post-secondary Advertising Study, Zielona Góra

Conference for graphic artists and designers PROJEKCJE, in Poznań


Typography and book design workshops, Kraków, d2d, led by Robert Oleś

Workshops on the application of foil on various materials (including car bodywork, windows, plates, walls, pavements, etc.)


Still working as a freelance graphic designer.
In the years 2014-2016, as a sole proprietorship as IPA, cooperation with commercial companies and artists, including:

Provincial Public Library named after C. K. Norwidaw in Zielona Góra: poster design for the "Reading aloud for second breakfast" campaign

Vivid Studio Advertising Agency: drawing designs for social campaign posters
"Open your eyes"

still, working as a prop maker and set designer in the production of: films (including: "Clergy" by Wojciech Smarzowski, "Maryjki" by Daria Woszek, "Sonata" by Bartosz Blaschke)

TV programs (Masterchef, Masterchef Junior, 36.6), series (Szkoła tvn), commercials (including Milka, Dafi, Wedel)

12/2005 – 03/2013
Focus Forum Sp. Z o. o., Kraków Agency dealing with trade fair exhibitions. Production manager. Scope of responsibilities: management of the production hall, including: production of elements of exhibition stands, processing and production of large-format graphics on fabrics and boards, production of elements of presentation systems (exhibition walls, neo-frames, roll-ups), supervising the work of a 3-person team, selecting appropriate materials (taking into account results and costs), coordinating the work of the production hall and salespeople and graphic designers.

"Culture online" scholarship for the implementation of an artbook/guide project for children

Artistic work including video recordings and photos

The film "Oh sleep, my dear" by Krzysztof Lang. Graphic works including designs of historical materials, documents and products styled in the 1950s, including: packaging reproductions.

Collaboration with the artist Aleksander Janicki, preparation of a draft catalog for an individual exhibition, preparation for printing and editing of a film promoting the exhibition.

Graphic cooperation on the project of the Brewing Museum in Wieliczka, preparation of a design book and materials for the current needs of the project.

Pychotkowo cafe
Creating a visual identification design for the café (logo, business cards, posters, exhibition stand)

DF Dance Theater Association
Designs of promotional materials, posters, leaflets, roll-ups, materials for DVDs, designs of animations and video projections used as performance installations (Luminesmachia, Lulilulilajka, Truskawkowa), design and implementation of scenography (Luminesmachia)
Knowledge of using computer programs
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe Premiere
-Adobe Lightroom
- MS Office

Practical knowledge and skills in graphic design and using graphic programs, photography, photo processing, large-format printing
Selection and processing of materials used to create visual elements

- ability to operate a cutting plotter
- Calender
- Laminator
- Artistic skills
- drawing, painting, sculpture
- category B driving license (since 1997)

I like roller skating and photography :)
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